Assessment ◆ Remediation ◆ Advice

The source of contaminated soils and groundwater on a site can be the result of various activities, however, not all contamination affects a site so it cannot be productively used.


Whilst the presence of contamination can affect property value, potential future uses or create liability issues, in most cases, these matters can be addressed through the adoption of innovative approaches to the assessment, remediation and management of the contamination.


CONSARA can provide this innovation through any stage of a project’s cycle and in a number service capacities from on-the ground fieldworks to high level advice direct to company boards and management.


CONSARA have a pro-active and multi-disciplined approach to the delivery of services that seeks to turn constraints into opportunities and to develop highly innovative solutions. The pursuit of professional excellence is our fundamental aim, which can only be achieved through sound technical expertise and competent project management.


We believe that only by establishing sufficient, relevant and reliable information on the environmental condition of a site can appropriate assessment of the suitability of site for a particular land use and the subsequent requirements for remediation and/or management for the protection of human health and the environment can be made.


We recognise that the remediation and management of contaminated sites can be complex and costly. In delivering remediation solutions we ensure that existing and emerging remedial technologies and approaches are examined and assessed and that this process is completed in collaboration with all stakeholders.


We have extensive experience in the provision of advice in relation to contaminated site matters, whether it be during a due diligence process or as part of a litigation. We have sound project management and technical capabilities and have proven competencies in project management, contractor management, contract administration, technical review and provision of advice.