Assessment and Remediation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Contamination

Project: Assessment and Remediation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Contamination


Location: Yennora NSW


Client: Challenger Listed Investments


The site was historically used for commercial activities including large scale printing works, in which perchloroethylene (PCE) was used and stored on the site.  Due to high concentrations of PCE and its associated daughter products being present in the groundwater on the site and the migration of this contamination groundwater off the site, the site was regulated by the NSW EPA under the Contaminated Land Management Act.


CONSARA was engaged in 2012 as the contaminated land consultant to the Client for assessment, remediation planning and management of chlorinated solvent contamination and also provided expert witness in litigation associated with the contamination.


The role comprised providing expert witness in NSW Land and Environment Court during litigation relating to the contamination; ongoing strategic and technical advice; preparation of advice to Board of Directors; liaison with multiple stakeholders; collaboration with various specialist consultants; liaison and negotiation with NSW EPA in relation to the CLM Act regulation; completion of reports required to satisfy CLM Act regulatory agreement (VMP); liaison with NSW EPA Accredited Site Auditor for review and approval; undertaking multiple stage groundwater and soil vapour investigations; remediation costings and planning; undertaking works to implement remediation/management strategy; advice and on-site works in relation to site completion works and management of long-term legacy issues.