Assessment and Remediation of Asbestos, PAH and Lead Contamination

Project: Assessment and Remediation of Asbestos, PAH and Lead Contamination


Location: Auburn NSW

Client: Janyon Pty Limited


The Site was historically used as railway land, with train movements and storage on-site from the earliest recorded operations in 1951 through till some point in the early 1990s.  Records indicated that between 1911 and 1915 the Site was purchased by the Chief Commissioner for Railways and Tramways, to add extra shunting yards for the nearby Clyde Workshops and Marshalling Yards and it is understood that the Site was used for storage of trains, box cars and containers on or adjacent to railway lines and for parking, though records of this activity.  Numerous investigations undertaken on the site since the mid 1990s identified the presence of a large amount of asbestos in both bonded and fibrous forms and high concentrations of lead and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in stockpiled materials and soils on the site.


CONSARA was engaged as the contaminated land and remediation and validation consultant to the Client for assessment, remediation planning and management of the asbestos and chemical contamination.


The role comprised undertaking multiple stage soil and groundwater investigations; remediation design; remediation planning; remediation action plan preparation; liaison and negotiation with NSW EPA Accredited Site Auditor for review and approval;, remediation tendering; on-site supervision of contractors during remediation works; identification of any technical and commercial issues relating to the remediation contractors works; technical review of reports prepared by remediation contractor; post remediation work advice and validation works in relation to site completion works and management of long-term legacy issues.